How $1,000 Saved This Man's Life

Aired on 11/26/2010 | CC tv-pg
In 2006, Oprah issued her Pay It Forward Challenge. She gave 314 people in the studio audience $1,000 each, and then asked them to spend their $1,000 on a complete stranger. The jaw-dropping results made for an all-time great giveaway.

One of the biggest givers was Minnie, from Centralia, Illinois, who raised more than $70,000 for John Newcomb—a father of nine suffering from a deadly brain tumor.

Minnie's $1,000 multiplied with the help of friends and strangers, and their collective efforts helped pay John's hospital bills, buy groceries and send his oldest son to college. John's entire family surprised Minnie to say thank you in person.

Then, another miracle happened just in time—a doctor who was watching The Oprah Show called and offered to remove John's brain tumor at no charge. Here, John says thanks once more to the people who paid it forward.