Holly Peete's Televised Declaration of Love: "I Want to Shout It All Over the World"

Aired on 02/14/1996 | CC
Two years after Rodney Peete's stunning proposal on the set of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Holly planned her very own public surprise for her husband for Oprah's I Love You Day celebration.

Rodney expected to have a business meeting with his wife at the Four Seasons Hotel but, instead, delighted in a romantic meal for two—with an audience of 20 million viewers watching their intimate exchange. Rodney looked on, beaming, as Holly read her declaration of everlasting love and devotion to him.

"I love you so much that I want to shout it all over the world," Holly said. "You are all I want: a genuine, kindhearted, sensitive, funny person and a true-blue, die-hard friend. ... You are a winner and you are my hero."

See how Rodney, Oprah and the whole studio audience reacted to her heartfelt love letter on a truly memorable Oprah Show Valentine's Day.

Original airdate: February 14, 1996