Here's a Typical Day for Parents Raising 7 Babies

Aired on 11/19/1998 | CC tv-pg
You think having twins is hard? Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey had septuplets. That's seven—yes, seven—babies. The first set of septuplets to survive labor, the McCaugheys were miracle babies, and for a time they became media stars. While the birth itself took only six minutes, the hardest work—raising eight children, including their eldest daughter—would last a lifetime. How did they do it?

"Despite the obvious challenges caused by raising eight small children in a very small home, the word that truly describes the McCaughey household is 'organized,'" Oprah said on a 1998 episode of The Oprah Show. "Every day has a battle plan drawn up by General Bobbi McCaughey."

Watch the video above to find out the general's secret strategy for keeping a household of rambunctious kids safe and disciplined.

Original airdate: November 19, 1998

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