Gary Zukav: How to Fulfill Your Purpose

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Recognizing the path to your true purpose—and following it—isn't easy. In 2001, the author of the best-seller The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav, came to The Oprah Show to discuss letting go of your past in order to move forward. He stayed afterward to take questions from the audience.

One woman wanted to know how Oprah stays balanced. After Oprah's answer, Gary made sure the audience understood a larger point, saying, "Now, did you hear what Oprah said in the first part of her talk, and can you apply that to your life?"

"Because she gave you a macrocosm and a microcosm of what you can apply," he continued. "The question was, 'Why are you balanced, and how can you stay balanced?' And she said, 'Because I'm doing what gives me meaning. Because this is my life's purpose.' You have the same opportunity. You and I and everyone here, everyone who enters this Earth's school. This is the path, to look at where you are, to accept your life and then change it appropriately as your heart tells you where to go."

Watch as Gary shares the secret to being in control of your destiny.