Dr. Phil's Advice on "Psychic Disfigurement"

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In 2001, Dr. Phil joined Oprah in kicking off Season 16 with his Get Real Challenge: 42 people ready to get their lives together spent five intense days locked in a room with Dr. Phil as he aimed to set them on the path to success. After the show, which challenged the group of 42 to acknowledge their individual fears and start working through them, one audience member with a history of debilitating illness and bone fractures wanted to know whether physical pain could be treated in the same way as emotional pain.

Dr. Phil told the young man, "Everything that happens in your life writes on the slate of who you are." In the same way that emotional trauma leaves a scar on the psyche, Dr. Phil said, so does physical trauma. In the video above, Dr. Phil emphasizes the importance of being attentive to both causes of what he calls "psychic disfigurement."