Dr. Phil on How to Save a Sexless Marriage

Aired on 08/08/2000 | CC tv-pg
Dr. Phil always tells it like it is, even when the truth isn't pretty. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil met a young mother who said she would do anything to avoid having sex with her husband. He offered his unvarnished analysis of their problem, which was at the heart of the couple's marital strife.

"So you stopped being a wife and a lover, and started being a mom," Dr. Phil summarized. Later, he added, "If you have a good sexual relationship, it's about 10 percent [of the relationship], because you enjoy it and you go on to the other aspects of the relationship. But if you don't, it's 90 percent because it becomes a big barrier between you."

Watch as Dr. Phil attempts to help an ailing couple trying to restore their love life.

Original airdate: August 8, 2000