Donald Trump on Marriage: "Ultimately Ivana Does Exactly As I Tell Her to Do"

Aired on 04/25/1988 | CC tv-pg
In 1988, billionaire and 2016 Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and then wife, Ivana Trump, shared their thoughts on married life and striking a balance with their business pursuits. Donald spoke of how their marriage was built on friendship, but when Oprah asked Donald how much the couple argued, he had this say:

"We should have world record-setting fights, but we really don't, we get along very well, and there's not a lot of disagreement, because ultimately Ivana does exactly as I tell her to do."

"Male chauvinist," Ivana teasingly replied.

"Right, men, is that right?" Donald continued, egging on the audience.

When Oprah asked Ivana how she first met Donald, Ivana described her first impression of the mogul and what made her fall in love with him. That love wouldn't last forever, however, as the couple filed for divorce in 1991, only three years after sitting down with Oprah.

Original airdate: April 25, 1988