Donald Trump on Oprah's "It" Factor

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Before running for the highest office in the country, Donald Trump was best known as the billionaire host of the hit reality television show The Apprentice. In 2004, he appeared on The Oprah Show to open up about his personal life and career and to impart a few expert fortune-making tips.

After the show, the cameras kept rolling as one audience member wanted to know what Donald would do if the roles were reversed and he were to submit an audition tape for the popular business competition show. Donald explained how, with more than 200,000 applicants, there was a fair amount of luck involved in making it through the selection process.

"There's an energy, there's a spark, there's an essence, there's a life that comes through in a matter of seconds," Oprah added. "There's an indescribable 'it' factor."

In the video above, Oprah and Donald express their thoughts on this enigmatic quality. Watch as Donald points to Oprah as a prime example of someone who has "it."