Daniel Day-Lewis Pays Tribute to the Late Heath Ledger During an Awards Interview

Aired on 01/24/2008 | CC tv-pg
Sitting down with Oprah to discuss his Oscar®-nominated role in There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day-Lewis had something other than trophies on his mind. The interview was taped via satellite one day after the world learned of the passing of another acclaimed film actor, Heath Ledger, who, it was later determined, died from a fatal combination of prescription medications. Daniel was talking about the role for which he was nominated when, seemingly overtaken by melancholy, he grew silent.

After a pause, Daniel said, "I'm sorry, Oprah, there's something I hope you don't mind if I speak about this, but there's something—I feel very unsettled at the moment, and I suppose it's because I only just saw the news about Heath Ledger's death."

"Oh, yes," Oprah said solemnly.

"It seems somehow strange to be talking about anything else, not that there's anything to say, really, except to express one's regret and to say from the bottom of one's heart, to his family and to his friends, that I'm sorry for their trouble," Daniel said. "I didn't know him. I have an impression, a strong impression, I would have liked him very much as a man if I had. I'd already marveled at some of his work and had looked forward so much to seeing the work that he would do in the future."