Charlize Theron on Aging: You've Earned Your Wrinkles

Aired on 09/30/2005 | CC tv-pg
Every line in your face tells a story. That was the idea behind an image in O, The Oprah Magazine several years back that had a graphic over a woman's face pointing out how each wrinkle was tied to a life event. One line told the story of having a first child, another told the tale of a divorce, and yet another was the record of a family member's battle with cancer. Charlize Theron, during an Oprah Show interview promoting her movie North Country, said she couldn't agree more.

In fact, the Oscar®-winning actress explained, she saw no difference between erasing your wrinkles and burning your photo albums. Here, in this archival clip, Charlize reveals her motto for understanding the lines on your face: "You've earned them."