Bruce Willis on Sudden Fame: "It's a Scary Thing"

Aired on 06/20/1988 | CC
In his first appearance on a national live talk show, actor Bruce Willis sat down with Oprah to discuss his work on the hit television series Moonlighting and his upcoming film Die Hard. Bruce also spoke candidly about his marriage with Demi Moore, his thoughts on becoming a father and his dizzying rise to stardom.

"It's very frightening, and you know, being the kind of tough guy that I am, or like to think that I am, you never want to let anybody know you're afraid," Bruce said. "You never want to tell anyone that you're afraid of what is happening in your life. So the thing you do is try to pretend."

Here, Bruce reveals what finally made him deal with his fear and how he learned to start living in the moment.

Original airdate: June 20, 1988