Bernie Mac on "Psychological Blackmail"

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When someone becomes rich, the story goes, friends, family and even strangers come out of the woodwork to ask for money. After a 2002 taping of The Oprah Show, comedian Bernie Mac gave his take on the phenomenon.

"I had a guy tell me, he said, 'Wow, man, they're about to put me out of my house. Man, I'm 8 months behind,'" Bernie said, briefly pausing before delivering the punchline. "I said, 'You should have called me when you was a day behind!' Don't call me 8 months later. Call me the day that you owe, you know? That's not help, that's taken care of."

Watch as Bernie explains why the people in your life who knock on your door after 9 p.m. might be trying to "psychologically blackmail" you.