Barbara Walters on Being Very Careful Not to Give Opinions

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Over the years, celebrated broadcast anchor Barbara Walters has interviewed subjects whose stories spanned the gamut of journalistic interest. She came on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004 to discuss the end of her 25 year run on 20/20 and her experience becoming the first female anchor on network news.

When asked by an audience member how she kept herself from expressing judgment or emotion about the interviewees with whom she disagreed or simply didn't like—convicted murderers, for instance—Barbara Walters discussed modern journalism versus the way it was when she first began reporting. "It used to be that you did not know how people felt," Barbara said of her early contemporaries.

Barbara said that it was only more recently that journalists began voicing their opinions. Even so, Barbara continued to keep her personal and political thoughts to herself, even when she appeared on The View—a talk show known for it's many, often polarized points of view.