Barbara Bush's First Impression of George H.W. Bush

Aired on 10/23/1989 | CC tv-pg
Although it wasn't love at first sight, Barbara Bush was quite impressed when she first met her future husband and 41st president of the United States, George H.W. Bush. She was only 16 when she met him, yet she was sufficiently mature to recognize that he was a cut above the rest of her suitors. The first lady gave the reason why in this 1989 interview with Oprah.

"Well, he was the best-looking young man I ever laid my eyes on, and he's funny," Barbara said, beaming. "I mean, he's warm, but he's very amusing so that he keeps you—you never know what George is going to do."

Here, Barbara opens up about the deep connection she has to her husband, a relationship that ultimately lasted well over half a century.