A Suburban Mom Comes to Terms with Her Addiction to Prescription Pills

Aired on 11/19/2003 | CC tv-pg
Barbara was having terrible migraines. The prescription drugs her doctor gave her took the pain away, but she soon noticed an unsettling development: She was taking the drugs when she didn't need them.

"Sometimes there are days that, you know what, that migraine just might not be as bad as it seems," Barbara told a therapy group. "I might even take 10 if I'm having a particularly bad day. It's like taking a little minivacation right in the middle of the week."

Barbara, a mother of two, didn't know she was doing anything wrong. After all, she was under a doctor's care. Wouldn't he stop her if she had been getting out of control? Watch as Barbara has a heartbreaking epiphany on The Oprah Show.

Original airdate: November 19, 2003

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