A Mom's Tragic Story of Her Teen Who Was Lured By An Internet Predator

Aired on 04/15/2009 | CC
Kristin Helms, an honors student in Orange County, California, was 14 when Kiley Ryan Bowers, a 27-year-old man from Texas, first crept through cyberspace and into her MySpace inbox. When her parents, Danielle and Robin Helms, found his picture on Kristin's computer, they shut down her account, pulled her Internet privileges and warned her about online predators. But Bowers already had their daughter in his grip. In 2009, Kristin's parents appeared on The Oprah Show to share their daughter's tragic story—and their incurable pain—to urge other children to be mindful of the online company they keep, and to show other parents that unyielding vigilance is a must.