A Mom Who Forgave Her Husband for Killing Their 5-Year-Old Twins

Aired on 11/14/2006 | CC tv-pg
On January 20, 2006, in an upscale suburb of Charlotte, NC, five-year-old twins Samantha and Tessara Crespi were fatally stabbed by their father, 45-year-old David Crespi. Later that year, Oprah invited David's wife, Kim, on the show to speak candidly about the shock and enormous pain of her loss. Oprah is stunned to learned that Kim has been able to forgive David; she says she believes her husband was not in control of himself the day he killed their daughters. Later, Oprah visits David in prison, where he discusses his experience of mental illness, and the "voices" that encouraged him to act violently. When asked about the decision to kill his daughters, David says, "It's a task I had to do."