A Doctor and an Engineer Who Get Almost Everything—Even Food—from Dumpsters

Aired on 02/27/2008 | CC tv-pg
Could you create an entire life out of other people's discards? Daniel, a 31-year-old optometrist, and Amanda, a 25-year-old civil engineer, did just that. Their home looked much like any other, yet their possessions, from a coffee table to ice cream to cucumber-melon lotion, had been retrieved from Dumpsters.

"We could definitely buy the food," Daniel said. "I think it just stems out of, first of all, a frustration at how much good stuff is thrown away. And so, in a small way, we are hoping to, in a way, redeem some of that food and preventing it from going into a landfill."

Find out why these young professionals were practicing a seemingly radical form of a recycling.

Original airdate: February 27, 2008