2 Simple Steps That Could Save a Marriage

Aired on 01/23/2001 | CC tv-pg
When Al and Sherry Richards first met Dr. Phil on The Oprah Winfrey Show, they were fighting about everything, including the toilet paper. It was clear to Dr. Phil that the couple wasn't dealing with the real issue: Sherry wasn't over the fact that Al had had an affair. Dr. Phil told Sherry to go home and tell Al how she really felt.

However, when the couple returned to The Oprah Show for a follow-up with Dr. Phil, it was apparent that Sherry hadn't followed through with her homework...and the marriage was still in trouble. Dr. Phil said there were two things the couple had to understand before they could save their marriage. In the video above, he lays out these "simple concepts" that he says must be grasped in order to find healing.

Original airdate: January 23, 2001