2 Beyoncé Red-Carpet Mishaps You Haven't Heard About

Aired on 09/19/2003 | CC tv-pg
Behind many famous red-carpet looks lie surprising behind-the-scenes stories. As much as stars would like everything to go off without a hitch, that's hardly the reality.

Beyoncé, pop-music superstar, isn't immune to wardrobe malfunctions—she just hides them well. "It's fun for me, because it's like dress-up," the then 22-year-old performer said during her Oprah Show interview, "but you know, after so many red carpets, there's bound to be certain mishaps."

Here, Beyoncé and Oprah discuss two of the Queen Bee's most memorable awards-night outfits—and the near-calamitous malfunctions she successfully concealed from the audience.

Original airdate: November 11, 2005