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November 20, 2006
In 2006, Beyoncé took the big screen by storm in the musical-turned-movie Dreamgirls. Beyoncé played the role of Deena Jones, a backup singer whose beauty quickly thrusts her to center stage.

"I've been hearing about Dreamgirls, the musical, since I was 16," she said. "The second my choreographer, Frank, saw me he said, 'You're Deena.' And I was like, 'Who is Deena?' So I've been preparing for this role without even knowing for years."

After sitting down with her co-stars—Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and Anika Noni Rose—Beyoncé performed "Listen," a song from the film. "This is the moment where Deena finally finds her voice," she explained. "I think a lot of women can relate to the lyrics."