Jack, Oprah and Sheri

Season 25 wouldn't be complete without Liza with a 'Z'! "Liza Minnelli is not just a celebrity. Liza Minnelli is a legend," Oprah says. "So when a legend is coming to the building, the energy of everybody is infused by that legendary status." 

Watch producer Jack, executive producer Sheri and Oprah's pre-show meeting

Jack's co-producer Bridgette has her hands full after she's assigned to work directly with Liza. "Growing up, my mom was a huge Liza fan, so Liza's been somebody who has been in my life in terms of musically and her movies," she says. "So to work with Liza was like the best thing ever."
Bridgette and Liza Minnelli

Liza has agreed to sing a medley of three of her greatest hits, but the challenge is fitting them into a three-minute performance. During rehearsal, Liza tells Bridgette the songs are feeling too rushed. "Let me just sing one great song," Liza says.

Bridgette must find a way to cut some of the razzle-dazzle without offending her superstar guest and get what the show wants. "My approach when I have to handle a situation like telling Liza Minnelli, 'We want to do it our way' is kind of pretending she's not Liza Minnelli because ultimately I'm here to get the best product for the show," she says. "So we're going to have to keep ironing this out."

After another rehearsal, the three songs have been squeezed into three and a half minutes. "I'm feeling good," Bridgette says. "She seemed happy when she left, so I think all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together."
Jack and Oprah

On the day of the taping, Harpo staffers make sure everything in her greenroom is perfect. "Liza's people sent us her rider, which is her greenroom request list," Bridgette says. "Her greenroom needs to be set to a chilly 62 degrees. She wanted a star on her door, which I just think is fabulous. She's Liza Minnelli, hello!"
While prepping Liza for her interview with Oprah, Liza asks Bridgette to cut any questions related to her four marriages—especially her marriage to her fourth ex-husband, whom she wishes not to mention by name.

Jack must relay this request to Oprah as he preps her before the show. "I want to know what really had gone on in the relationship, so I thought that there were some interesting things to talk about," Oprah says. "I always feel like I can do that in a way that's not going to be exploiting her or exploiting him."
Liza's performance

On stage, Liza handles Oprah's question about marrying her fourth husband with humor. "Liza kind of handled it," Sheri says. "She didn't answer directly but I think you could read between the lines." 

When the time comes for Liza's performance, the 64-year-old stage veteran cements her legendary status. "She was great, hit every note perfectly," Bridgette says. "I love her even more now that I met her."

Watch Liza sing Oprah a special song after the show
Oprah, Liza and Sheri

After the show, Oprah, Liza and Sheri pose for pictures.

Liza: "You're the best. Anything you need from me, I'm here."

Oprah: "Says the legend to me."

Liza: "No, you're the legend baby."

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