Jill and Terry

When Oprah turned 50, The Oprah Show became one big birthday extravaganza, complete with guests like Tina Turner and John Travolta. On her 56th birthday in 2010, Oprah introduced the world to the two new loves in her life: springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren.

For her 57th birthday, Oprah is spending part of the day taping with actress Jennifer Aniston, comedian Adam Sandler and talk show host Piers Morgan. After the show, producers are planning a party complete with presents and champagne. "I didn't grow up with anybody celebrating my birthday," Oprah says. "So birthdays really don't mean that much to me."

That's not the case for the rest of the staff. "It's kind of a company holiday," executive producer Sheri says.

Meanwhile, senior supervising producer Jill and producer Terry are hard at work making sure Oprah has a standout show on her birthday. "The fact that we're having Jen and Adam on is great and great for them," Jill says. "But they have to come to play. They need to do something fun. They need to do something to make it special."

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Oprah leaves early

The day before taping, Jill and Terry give Oprah a rundown of the show's plan. Jennifer and Adam, who have been friends for years, will discuss their new film together, and Piers will promote his CNN talk show. "That was quick and easy, wasn't it?" Oprah says.

After the preshow meeting, Oprah does something radical—she leaves early. "Oprah's never out of here before 9 at night," Sheri says.

"Alert the team," Oprah jokes. "Breaking news. I'm going to go home."

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Oprah greets the audience

On the morning of Oprah's birthday, Jill is especially excited about the day's show. "This is a really special show because it's Oprah's birthday and Jennifer and Adam both brought birthday gifts for Oprah," Jill says. "Neither one of them told us what it is, so we'll find all out live on the air what their birthday gifts are for Oprah."

Oprah says the audience is gift enough. "When I walk out on that stage, every day I come out, and there are crowds of cheering people," she says. "That's a birthday every single day for me. And I don't take that for granted. I get celebrated every single day."
Jennifer Aniston and Oprah

Taping begins and the control room is dying to see what Jennifer and Adam brought for Oprah.

First up is Jennifer. "Jen brought Oprah a yoga mat with a picture of all of her dogs on it," Jill says. "I thought that was actually really creative."
Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Oprah

Next up is Adam. "I was like, 'Whatever it is, it's not going to be good. It's going to be a joke on me,'" Oprah says. "I hope it's really a haha."

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Oprah is left in stitches. "I thought he was delightful and came to play. That's always great when guests do that," Oprah says. "I would have to say that, perhaps more this season than any other season, guests have come to play."

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After two segments with Piers tape, Oprah's birthday show is deemed a success. "I was thrilled with the show in the end," Jill says. "Everyone ended up bringing their A-game."

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Oprah's birthday party

After the show, producers gather in Oprah's office for a little birthday party, complete with gifts, champagne and even a little dancing from Oprah herself! "I think we have more fun with her birthday than she does," Sheri says. "Usually, we have a little champagne toast and kind of celebrate with her and watch her open her presents. And I think she does that for us."

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