"Truman arrived at a place where he not only accepted the condition he was left in, but embraced it as a chance to begin a new life. That's what he calls it, his new life," Randall says. "The man has risen far above what I would expect from almost anyone, above what I can imagine achieving myself. And people who actually know him and are around him recognize immediately that Truman Duncan is a whole man."

In the final step of their investigation, Randall and Indre meet with rehab specialist Glenn Bixler, who helped Truman regain mobility after the accident. "Truman is unique," Dr. Bixler says. "I thought that he'd be able to get into a chair and do some mobility. He has exceeded expectations in how well he does that. How well he drives. How well he gets to and from work. He's done a great job of that."