As Indre investigates the scientific side of Truman's survival, Randall looks for the deeper meaning. "I realize that there's a lot of people could say, "Well, Truman's just a very lucky guy," he says. "Ultimately you're back to a philosophical or theological argument. Luck doesn't enter into it if, if God exists."

Randall boards a helicopter with Lt. Scott Lail, an emergency medical technician(EMT), and one of the first responders to reach Truman. Like Randall, Lail feels that there were other forces at work in Truman's survival. From the air, he shows Randall the layout of the vast rail yard. Watch Lt. Lail and Randall tour the rail yard in a helicopter.

"One of the things that just worked so miraculously was the fact that everybody was arriving in such a timely fashion that we were able to do. Had we have only had five people on scene, we wouldn't have been able to do all the things we did as quickly as possible because we didn???t have enough people to devote to each job. For every step to fall like it did, I can't explain it. It just did. So, to me, that's a miracle," says Lail.