In the final step of her investigation, Indre turns to Joe Nickell, PhD, a professional skeptic and one of the most prominent debunkers of purported, miraculous, or supernatural events in the country. Randall is more hesitant. "I probably approached him with a certain amount of has a wonderful track record of figuring out how things work. It has never told us anything at all about why things happen," says Randall. "I think the, you know, the whole testing God issue comes into it for me."

Despite Randall's objections, the font and statues are wiped down so that no oil is present, and Nickell sets up a time-lapse camera to film any seeping of the oil over 24 hours. While the camera records, a sample of the oil is sent to a lab for testing.

The Results

The lab test reveals the oil contains vegetable oil and a glycol ether. Glycol ether is used in synthetic perfumes in order to keep elements together, which suggests that the mysterious oil is not natural.

Additionally, the time lapse camera recorded no seeping. "No results to report other than there are no results," Randall says. "But we do have to bear in mind this isn't a Feast Day. This isn't a Holy Day. And Cora's story is that the flow is really only present when it's a Feast Day or some sort of Holy Day."

Web Exclusive Video: Joe Nickell sits down with Cora Lorenzo and the Miracle Detectives to discuss how his experiement affects faith.