Meanwhile, armed with a sample of Cora Lorenzo's oil, Randall pays a visit to Dr. David Stewart, PhD. and author of Healing Oils Of The Bible.

Dr. Stewart points out that the oil can only be a miracle if it is naturally occurring. "God???s oils are not synthetic by definition," he says. "The Bible talks about speaking creation into existence. God said, 'Let there be light.' God said, 'Let there be plants'. When He said, 'Let there be plants', He was creating the oils along with the plants. And He imbued those with his intelligence. If it's natural, it knows how to go into your body and identify the bacteria that are pathogenic and identify the bacteria which are friendly to you."

Dr. Stewart smells the oil, but is unable to identify it. "Do you think it might be a singular substance that is not something we know about?" says Randall.

"Yeah. It does have a floral of fragrance. But, I sure don???t identify the flower." says Dr. Stewart.

"Dr. Stewart believes it's quite possible that this is a substance that no one can identify. It may be a unique substance." Says Randall. "That oil at her house may be the only oil of that kind that exists in the world."