Cora claims the oil has cured her and others of various ailments. Word of the oil's supposed powers has spread, and people pilgrimage to Cora's home for their own sample of oil. Now, Miracle Detectives Dr. Indre Viskontas and Randall Sullivan travel to California to determine whether the oil is a miracle or an elaborate deception.

Indre and Randall visit Marlene Alberto, Cora's friend who claims a macular hole in her eye was cured by oil from Cora's house. She had a hole in her retina, and was scared to have surgery. Friends introduced her to the oil, which she rubbed on her eye each night as she prayed. When she returned to her doctor, the hole in her retina had vanished.

"It's been gone ever since," Marlene says. "While we are in the office of the doctor, I called up Cora and we cried. I said, I don't know what happened, but I know I've been cured."

"Meeting with Marlene has made both Randall and me more curious about this case. But, for different reasons," Indre says. "So while Randall's flown to Salt Lake City to learn more about the role healing oils play in the Bible, I've invited a building inspector to Cora's house to try to determine how this oil is seemingly appearing out of nowhere."