When Cora Lorenzo, a woman of deep faith, returned from her trip to the sacred ground of Lourdes, France, she never expected a miracle to follow her home.
In 1995, Cora made a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady at Lourdes. The site has become a popular destination for believers after the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared there in 1858. "No source of miracle stories has been studied more than Lourdes, France," Randall Sullivan says. "Since 1858, thousands of people have claimed to be healed by the water of a sacred spring. Over 150 years later, there's a Lourdes connection to a phenomenon happening in northern California."

Cora brought holy water home with her and added it to her font. Soon after, a strange and fragrant oil began seeping out of religious statues in her house and into basins and out of the walls. "In November 1995, I came home from work and [made] a sign of the cross. It was dry. Nothing in it. Dried up. And I forgot completely," she says. "The following day I'm going to work [and] there was something in it. It's like consistency of oil. It was so fragrant. It's beyond expression."

VIDEO: Cora explains what happened after her pilrimage to Lourdes.