Josephine says that at that moment, she felt she could go on no longer. Her legs had stopped working. With the building collapse imminent, the firefighters used precious minutes to help her. As they carried Josephine down the stairway from the 20th floor, the North Tower began to collapse around them.

When the dust settled, all six firefighters and Josephine Harris found themselves alive in the rubble. "Oh yeah. I got six beautiful bad firefighters for brothers," says Josephine. "Somebody was with us that day. Somebody was watching over."

The firefighters in Ladder Co 6 agree that if they hadn't stop to help Josephine, they would have all been crushed in the lobby of the building when it collapsed. Some call Josephine Harris a divine angel who intervened to save the firefighters.

"One thing that people have mentioned to me," says John Jonas, "they say 'well, well, God was with you that day.' And I kind of cringe when they say that, you know, I said, 'by you saying that you're saying God was not with the other guys.' All I can really say is that we had one small little victory that day - we went in with six people. We came out with seven."