Randall: I'm not telling you, you have to think this way. I'm just saying that I do and that I see that the people who embrace this point of view are the ones who are doing best with it and they're the ones who are bringing good out of it.

Indre: Randall, I agree with everything that you say except the qualification of "best." I think there are people who are coping equally well who don't share those beliefs.

Randall: You consider that a value judgment, so be it. You know? It is. But I'm not???

Indre: It's not one I share.

Randall: It's not a condemnation of them. It's not a feeling that they are lesser or worse. It's just that they haven't found their way.

Indre: For me it's about connecting with others. It's about altruistic behavior.

Randall: I think we agree that what we've seen this week has inspired us in the knowledge of the goodness and the greatness that's in human beings, the goodness and the greatness that's in this city. We do have common ground.