At the conclusion of this powerful investigation, Indre and Randall have reached their own conclusions.

Indre: There are one of two explanations for the appearance of the construction worker on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was either a hallucination coming from this traumatic experience or it was divine intervention. And although I can't completely rule out the idea that it's a hallucination, it is not up to the medical profession or science as a whole to try to make a judgment as to the reality of a person's experience.

Randall: The question I've asked myself this week has been, can an event that was born of terror also produce miracles? My answer is "yes." It can and it did. The first great miracle was in how people responded that day and I agree with John Morabito. God filled them up. And they did the right thing in overwhelming numbers. It was a miracle that John Morabito survived.

Indre: I don't see God when I think of the World Trade Center attacks. I see people suffering. When an event of such extraordinary magnitude happens, it completely turns on its head the things that we believe about the world like good things happen to good people. You know we have this really deep seated need to find meaning in the face of tragedy. We can't be sure that God was there. We don't have tangible proof and that's not the point.