While Indre investigates the dirt, Randall decides to unearth his own meaning as to what's going on at Chimayo. He arranges to meet with a local Shaman, Michelle Ama Wehali Rozbitsky, who believes in answers which lie in the natural world.

Michelle uses dowsing rods made out of copper to walk the Chimayo site. The rods act as natural conductors, "???and they cross when you walk over like a particular strong place where their waters cross, which all sacred sites across the planet, or most of them, are built on??? that's where the healing energy comes in, where they cross," she says.

Randall tries his hands at manning the dowsing rods, and inquires whether the dirt at Chimayo is a strong healing force. Seemingly unaided, the copper instruments answer him in the affirmative. "That, that was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had. Michele opened my mind to the possibility that there are a lot of elements here, historical elements, geophysical elements, spiritual elements," he says. "A larger and more complex picture than I brought to Chimayo".