After viewing the results of Jim's re-creation of the hospital corridor and security monitor, Indre and Randall come together to share their conclusions.

Indre: This ray of sunlight came in and created the image on the monitor, which was then interpreted by the nurses and by Colleen as an angel. It allowed her to come to terms with the decision that she has just made, which is probably the most difficult decision a parent could ever make. And that was to take her child off of the life support machines. The entire room must have gone from a state of very intense anxiety to acceptance and calm. And given how quickly Chelsea picks up on the emotional atmosphere of the room, I know that she would have responded to this new atmosphere in a much more positive way than she would have to a very tense atmosphere.

Randall: Your argument is not implausible. It makes sense. I don't believe it. It's too limited. When something happens exactly when it needs to happen it's either an extreme coincidence, or it's help from beyond. To me that's a miracle.

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