While Randall investigates the relationship between medicine and faith, Indre brings in video expert Jim Underdown, the Executive Director of the Center For Inquiry in Los Angeles, to see if he can re-create the angelic apparition on the security monitor.

Watch the video re-creation experiment.

While Underdown works on the re-creating the lighting and video recording conditions of the hospital corridor, the Miracle Detectives attempt get a better understanding of how and why people perceive ambiguous images the way that they do. They visit the University of Southern California to meet with Irving Biederman, a neuroscientist who researches how the brain processes images.

Biederman shows Randall and Indre the basic outline of what is commonly recognized as a typical angel shape. "[What] often happens when images are ambiguous or faint or blurry, we interpret them typically in terms of an inanimate entity. It could be a face. It could be a body. And with angels, there's a very simple shape. There are the two wings and the head and three lobes." Irv compares his outline with the photograph from Chelsea's hospital monitor, and notes the similarities.