When the Miracle Detectives arrive at the Banton home, Colleen describes what happened the day of the apparition, "[Chelsea] had been in and out of the hospital all of her life???this time when she went into the hospital that's the sickest I think I've ever seen her???every time they'd try to take her off the ventilator, she wouldn't last more than 30 minutes. They wanted me to make a decision on what to do, and they said that she'd been on the ventilator for so long that her lungs wouldn't be able to support her and that she would have to have a trach put in."

"You know, it's in God's hands whether she's healed here for us to enjoy her or he takes her to heaven," Colleen says. "I had made the decision when this image appeared. When I saw the image that was my answer. That was me being told by God that I'm going to take care of her whether it be here or on the other side." When the nurses turned off the machines Chelsea's condition improved dramatically. "They were just amazed."