Jeff Bridges on His Wife: "I Can't Let This Woman Go"

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 12/06/2015 | CC tv-14
Jeff Bridges met his now-wife Susan in Montana in the 1970s and immediately "fell head over heels." However, marriage didn’t immediately follow.

After living together for a few years, Susan told Jeff one day that she was going to move back to Montana, because she was ready to get married and have kids. "It was no pressure. She was just telling me what she was going to do," Jeff says. "I thought, 'Oh God, I can't let this woman go.' I had this vision of me as an old guy, thinking, 'God there was that girl from Montana' ... I pictured a handful of sand, and there’s a little diamond in there and I’m letting it go."

Watch the above video to find out what Jeff did next. Plus, how he was able to change his attitude toward marriage.

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