Tying a Bow Tie

Few men ever learn to tie their own bow ties, perhaps because it's easier to tie one on someone else than to tie one on yourself. Besides, there's something magical about standing close to your handsomely dressed husband, tying his tie with loving hands, just before you go out together for a fancy evening.

Tying a Bow Tie in 5 Steps

[Here are 5 steps on how to tie a bow tie on someone. Begin by facing the person with their shirt collar unbuttoned and turned up. Place the tie around their neck, and then have them button their shirt. Then, follow the 5 easy steps below, and refer to the illustrations if you get stuck!]

  1. Start with the left end extending 1 ½ inches below the right.
  2. Cross longer end over shorter end, and pass up through loop. Pull both ends to tighten.
  3. Form front loop of bow by folding over shorter end (hanging) and placing it across collar points.
  4. Hold this front loop with thumb and forefinger of left hand. Drop long end down over the front.
  5. Bring long end around front loop of tie and poke it through knot behind. Adjust ends of bow and tighten in front by pulling on both sides of neck band. Take up slack at slide under collar.