Do you have questions about Married To The Army: Alaska?

We've got answers!

Whether you are a civilian who knows nothing about military life, or a seasoned veteran of any of the Armed Services, we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to help get to know our show and how it all happened.

Q: Why the army? Why not Air Force, Navy or Marines?

A: The Army was the first to give our producers approval to tell the stories of real-life military spouses.

Q: Why does the show only follow wives? In today's Military, many of those who serve are women and their husbands are civilians.

A: Our casting outreach included husbands and wives of soldiers, but it just happened that the final group we focused on was all wives.

Q: Why didn't you focus on the families and children since they sacrifice so much, too?

A: Married To The Army: Alaska follows the lives of the spouses and their families, as you can’t separate their stories. Several of the wives on the show have infants and toddlers, two have school-age children and one has a son at West Point. You’ll meet all of the kids in the series and see how deployment and life in the military impacts the entire family.

Q: Why did you just focus on Fort Richardson and not Elemendorf Air Force Base, since they share a joint base?

A: Because we only had clearance from the Army, we could not expand our casting to Air Force wives.

Q: Did you include Enlisted and Officers' wives?

A: Yes, four of our wives are married to Enlisted men and three are married to Officers. We have a Colonel's wife, two Majors' wives, two Specialists' wives, one Sergeant's wife and one Staff Sergeant's wife.

Q: We noticed you were at a memorial service - did the army allow you to be there since they are usually closed to media?

A: We worked with the Army to cover the Memorial Services with the utmost respect and dignity for our Fallen Soldiers. They allowed us to shoot before and after the ceremonies. Any footage you see from inside the chapel, during the actual service, is from the Army videographer, who was there recording the service for the families.

Q: Why no husbands of women serving?

A: We opened up our casting to include male and female spouses, but very few husbands actually applied.

Q: What about dual-Military couples?

Our casting also included dual military, but again, only one dual-military couple applied, and they were stationed at Fort Wainwright and PCSd (PCS: Permanent Change of Station) in the spring.