The different terms and abbreviations in the Army vernacular can sometimes seem like an entirely different language! From "K.I.A." to "blackout," these terms can be confusing for civilians and even Armed Forces newbies.

We've composed a list of some commonly used terms you may hear on Married To The Army: Alaska to help everyone brush up on their Military lingo.

Plus, we want to hear from you! Post comments with words and phrases you want to learn about below and check back each week as we add more definitions.

Blackout: When communications are shut down (internet and phone), likely due to a death, so that an official representative can contact the family before they hear of the incident from another source.

Brigade: A large body of troops made up of a headquarters and supporting units.

Cadence: A rhythmic sequences of sounds in language, nature or music.

Chaplain: A clergyman attached to a branch of the military.

K.I.A./M.I.A.: Killed in Action and Missing in Action.

R&R: Stands for Rest and Recuperation. This refers to the soldier's free time, including the leave program that allows them to go home for up to 15 days during their deployment.

Taps:The final bugle call at night to signal lights out. Also played at military funerals and memorials.