Linda Is Shocked to Learn Troy Hates Her Cooking

Season 3 Episode 321
Aired on 08/26/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 321: "Tired"

Linda arrives at Danny and Troy's apartment planning to ask the couple to dinner. When the couple isn't there, she goes to Drew and Sam next door to make inquiries. Linda tells them her plan, but Sam is surprised she's inviting Troy, since Troy can't stand Linda's cooking. Drew scolds Sam for spilling the beans about Troy's true feelings and attempts damage control. But it's too late. Sam goes into excruciating detail recounting the unflattering way Troy described Linda's cooking. Linda is appalled to learn this, but despite her rage, she still plans to have Troy over for dinner.

Once Linda is gone, Drew takes Sam to task for stirring up trouble. But Sam is unremorseful—until Drew points out how upset his best friend Danny will be when he finds out. Sam begs Drew to keep his disclosure from Danny and she reluctantly agrees.

Later, at Linda's dinner party, Hattie and Floyd retire to the living room after finishing their meals. They both express distaste for the food, but quickly change their tune when Linda enters the room. Troy compliments Linda on the meal and, even though she knows her daughter-in-law is lying, Linda manages to contain her rage.

While Troy helps Linda with the dishes, the family expresses relief that Linda and Troy now appear to be getting along—until they hear them in the kitchen, at each others’ throats once again. Linda is furious that Troy doesn't want to take home the leftovers for her "little baby Danny." Finally, Linda reveals that she has learned the truth from Sam. But Hattie and Floyd attempt to back up Troy, admitting their own aversion to Linda's cooking. Danny beckons Troy to leave, but Troy thinks they should stay until the issue with Linda is resolved. Linda has never forgiven Troy for eloping with her son without her knowledge. When Troy tells Linda she has to accept it, since they are adults and married now, Linda storms off. After dealing with Sam's jealousy and Danny's immaturity, this is the final straw for Troy. She's had enough of the Love family and abruptly departs.

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