Danny wakes up in the apartment he shares with Sam to find it a mess after yet another of Sam's wild parties. After first venting to Drew at the office about finding a new place to live, Danny gets into an argument with Sam in front of her. Danny decides that he can't take it any longer, and announces that he is going to withhold his half of the rent until Sam's excessive partying stops. Thinking that Danny is completely overreacting—and not to be outdone—Sam decides to verbally evict Danny from their apartment. Danny storms out of the office in a huff.

Danny heads down to the Love Train Diner, where he vents his troubles about Sam to Floyd. From the kitchen, Hattie overhears that Danny is considering asking his grandmother to let him move back in with her. Hattie runs out and makes it clear that moving back in with her is not an option. In the midst of their fight, Sam and Drew enter the restaurant, and Hattie lays a guilt trip on Sam for taking Danny's money for rent but refusing to compromise on his disruptive lifestyle. Sam, losing his appetite at the thought of having to think about Danny's side of things, leaves the diner without even sitting down.

Later that day, Danny starts moving his things out of the apartment. Sam pretends not to care but at the last moment asks him to stay. Sam apologizes to Danny and ultimately realizes that he needs to work on a compromise with his roommate in order for the two of them to continue living together.