Hattie, Linda and unhappy customer

Hattie, Floyd and Linda are working at the Love Train Diner. Hattie is engaged in a heated argument with a customer who is saying that Vivian, the owner of the diner that burned down next door, had better food. As Hattie tries to argue that she's been cooking for 50 years, the customer suddenly starts to look ill and makes his way out the door—without paying. Hattie follows him, trying to get her money from him, but Linda stops her from assaulting the man.

"Mama what happened?" Linda says.

"He said Vivian's pie was better than mine, and he didn't want to pay me for it!" Hattie says.

Realizing that all of her loyal, old customers from the past, who loved her food and frequented the diner, had actually died, Hattie is discouraged at the state of her current clientele.
Linda and Hattie

Later that day, Hattie is chasing yet more customers out of the diner. When Linda inquires what happened this time, she learns that Hattie has put up flyers promising that her food is better than Vivian's and that she'd give any customers that think otherwise their money back. Upon looking at the fine print on the flyer, however, they realize that it's a joke.

Hattie checks the register and finds that there are literally only coins in there as their take for the day's business. She heads off to deposit the meager amount in the bank anyway, and Floyd and Linda are left to think about how they are going to remedy the situation at the diner.
Drew and Sam

At Danny's office, Drew and Danny come in one morning to find an anomaly: Sam is at work early for perhaps the first time ever. They immediately suspect that he is up to no good. They question Sam on what is going on, and he tells them that nothing is going on.

Suddenly, the phone rings at Drew's desk, and Sam jumps up to get it. Drew beats him to the punch and hits Sam accidentally in the head with her phone. When she finally talks to the person on the other end of the line, she realizes that it's their boss, Mr. Miller, and he's looking to speak to Sam. Drew tells everyone that a supervisor position has opened up in their department, that each of them is going to be considered for the position, and that all of their job performances are going to be reviewed.

Sam and Drew begin to argue over who the best candidate for the job is, and why.

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Vivian, Floyd and Linda

Back at the Love Train, Vivian comes over to pay a visit. She is looking for Hattie, who is still at the bank. After Floyd hands over the rent checks for all the tenants at Vivian's building (where he is also the super), Vivian reveals why she is really there—but only after commenting on how empty the diner is.

"I want to talk to Miss Hattie. I want us to go into business together!" she says, much to the shock of Linda and Floyd.

"Let me get this right...you want to go into business with my mother?" Linda says.

"What do you think she'll say?" Vivian asks.

"Before or after she starts cussing?" Floyd says.

Vivian explains that she has a contract with several tour bus companies who are coming through the area on Saturday and that she doesn't want to lose that business. Floyd and Linda's ears perk up at this revelation.

"It's a lot of money, and I will split everything right down the middle with Miss Hattie...Linda, will you try and talk her into it?" Vivian says. Linda agrees to try to talk to her mother, and Vivian leaves, temporarily satisfied.

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Drew, Danny and Sam

As Linda and Floyd finish discussing how they are going to approach Hattie with Vivian's proposition, Drew and Danny come into the diner for lunch. Linda takes their orders while Drew very obviously flirts with Danny, incessantly telling him that he needs to get to know her better, and talking in a strange voice that she thinks is sexy.

Danny tells Drew to back off and that her "drag queen voice" is scaring him. They start to dish about the current competition for a promotion going on at the office.

"It's every man for himself now," Drew says.

"Well, may the best man win," Danny says.

"Well, in this case, the man is a wo-man," Drew says. Sam walks in and joins them in the booth.
Hattie and Vivian

Hattie comes back from the bank and immediately starts to wonder where all the customers are. She tells Floyd that if they don't do something about all the customers soon, Hattie's going to have to lay people off. Right before Linda can relay Vivian's proposition to Hattie, Vivian walks in and does it herself.

"I would rather ride through hell with a bra made of gasoline, a girdle made of steaks, with hellhounds chasing me," Hattie says.

As Vivian begins to walk out the door, she reveals to Hattie that she has tour bus companies, and Hattie has a sudden change of heart. Hattie tells Floyd and Linda that she had tried to get those same contracts, but Vivian beat her to them.

"So, what do you say, Hattie?" Vivian says.

"The only way I'll do that is if I can buy you out if I'm unhappy," Hattie says.

"Deal!" Vivian says.

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Drew and Sam

Back at Danny's office, Drew walks in, and Sam immediately assumes that she got the promotion from the smug look on her face. She reveals that she didn't get the job. Danny walks in looking even smugger, and Drew and Sam tell him that they are going to be mad at him if he got the promotion.

"No, I didn't get it," Danny says. Drew and Sam are immediately relieved that he didn't get the job either.

"Wait, if you didn't get it, who did?" Sam asks.

"They're sending someone down from Chicago," Danny says.

The three co-workers are all worried about the implications of a new boss, and Sam decides to hit the gym as his form of preparation.