Linda and Hattie

Hattie Mae Love comes down the stairs at her house and excitedly turns on her TV, ready to watch one of her favorite shows, Welcome to Sweetie Pie's. She runs into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, and when she returns to the living room, her daughter, Linda, is laying on the couch, wearing teddy-bear-covered onesie pajamas. Linda has changed the channel on the TV, which leads to a heated discussion between mother and daughter on the state of Linda's depression.

Linda reveals that she's feeling self-pity because she's going through a divorce and also because she's had a hard time finding a job. Hattie points out that Linda is looking at the wrong section of the classified ads for jobs that she isn't qualified for and that she needs to get off the couch and do something about her situation.
Sam and Drew in office

Drew, Danny and Sam are at work when the subject of Sam's partying ways comes up—again. Danny has recently been working all night at home to get his projects up to snuff but is having trouble concentrating because Sam constantly has a party going on in their shared apartment.

Sam goes on to reveal that Danny is not the only one with complaints about his roommate. Sam is still upset that Linda comes by their apartment at least every other day, and just as they begin to get into it when Danny defends his mother, Linda shows up at the office. Linda wants to take Danny to lunch, but he and Sam lie, saying that they are working on a huge project, and Linda leaves them alone.

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Danny in the diner with Hattie and Floyd

Later that day, at the Love Train Diner, Danny pleads with Grandma Hattie and Uncle Floyd for help in talking to his mother. As Danny's desperation grows, Hattie and Floyd try to pass the responsibility off on one another. Just at that moment, Linda walks into the diner. Danny, catching a glimpse of her at the door, runs out through the back of the restaurant, trying to avoid being seen by her.

As Linda walks into the diner, she asks Hattie and Floyd, "Was that Danny?"

"No, that's another customer that looks just like him named Flash," Uncle Floyd says.

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Linda in diner

"Baby? I see you still got them damn pajamas on," Hattie says to Linda, referring to the teddy-bear-covered pajamas that Linda was wearing earlier in the day at Hattie's house.

"No, this is a dress," Linda says.

"Well, they still got them teddy bears on there," Hattie says.

"Do you like it?" Linda says.

"Yeah...for a 5-year-old," Hattie says, "who looks like she's in a onesie!" Hattie and Floyd laugh.

After some more teasing about Linda's childlike outfit, Floyd questions Linda about her job search. Linda gets upset and leaves in a huff, saying that she's going to Danny's place because he's the only one that seems to understand her. Knowing that Danny isn't home—and how he really feels about Linda's constant visits—Hattie points out that Linda is about to be very disappointed.
Danny and Sam in apartment

Back at the apartment, Danny and Sam are home when they hear a knock at the door. Before Danny can run to open it, Sam convinces him to pretend that they aren't home, because he knows that Linda is the person doing the knocking.

Linda continues to knock persistently, and Floyd comes running down the stairs in the hallway, thinking that the police are trying to get into someone's unit. When Linda tells him that she wishes Danny were home, Floyd reveals that he actually is home.
Floyd and Sam

Linda convinces Floyd to let her into the boys' apartment, thinking that something may have happened to Danny, since he usually answers the door.

When Floyd, reluctantly, and Linda enter the apartment, they catch Danny and Sam sneaking around trying to drink their beer quietly.

"Danny, you wouldn't open the door for me?" Linda says. Danny tries to apologize, but Linda leaves, her feelings hurt. Floyd and Sam try to laugh the situation off, but Danny is upset and runs off after Linda.

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Hattie somebody been walkin out of here with my meat

Later that night while Hattie is closing up at the diner, Danny and Floyd plead with Hattie to let them in. Floyd asks Hattie why his key doesn't work, and Hattie reveals that someone has been stealing meat from her kitchen.

Hattie lets everyone into the diner, and she notices that Danny is sad. When she asks what happened, Floyd informs Hattie that Danny wouldn't open the door for Linda back at the apartment. After guilt-tripping Danny about not opening the door for his own mother, Hattie admits that Linda had also come by the diner after leaving Danny's house and that Hattie didn't let her in either.

"Where did she say she was going?" Floyd asks.

"I don't know; she's mad at me too!" Hattie says. A few minutes later, Danny asks, "Do you think she went back to Lionel?"

"If she did," Hattie says, "she a fool!"
Linda and Danny

Later that night, back at Sam and Danny's apartment, Linda knocks at the door. Danny is relieved to see her; he has been looking everywhere for her since he left the diner.

"Danny, I just came to say, if I was bothering you, you just should have said something," Linda says.

"Something!" Sam says from the couch. Linda gives him a look. "Or nothing?" Sam says, backing down.

"Look, I love you," Danny says, "but ever since you've been going through this divorce, you've been over...a lot. And, I just want you to be happy. And, I'm here for you whenever you need me."

"I understand; my little man is growing up," Linda says. "If you need me, I'm just a call away." With that, Linda walks out the door and declines Danny's invitation to stay over for dinner, assuring him that she's fine.