Sam and Linda

Sam, thinking he is alone in his and Danny's bachelor pad, dances into his kitchen to look in the fridge—completely in the nude. Just then, Danny's mother, Linda, lets herself into the apartment with an armload of groceries.

After an awkward encounter proving that Sam is not in the least bit shy about his body, Linda asks him to put some clothes on. When Sam returns, Linda asks what he'd like for breakfast.

"How about an order of 'can you call before you come?'" Sam says.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Linda says.

"I'm good. I'll just have a 'please, get the hell out of here' omelet with a large glass of 'you've got to be kidding me' juice," Sam says.

Moments after their banter is over, Sam realizes that Danny has given Linda a key to their apartment—and that she has no problem coming over unannounced.

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Sam goes into Danny's room to confront him about getting the key back while Linda makes the boys breakfast, but Danny, citing the fact that his mother is going through a rough patch, won't do it.
Drew, Sam and Danny at the diner

During their lunch break, Sam, Drew and Danny walk into the Love Train Diner, where Hattie and Floyd are on duty. Sam is still giving Danny a hard time for giving his mother a key to the apartment. Drew asks Floyd for his opinion, and he agrees that it's a terrible idea. Sam and Danny then get into an argument, ending with Sam storming out of the diner, followed by Danny shortly thereafter.

Hattie overhears the discussion, and after learning from Drew and Floyd what Danny has done, advises to give the situation about a week.

"That daughter of mine...she'll drive a demon to drinking!" Hattie says.
Linda crying

Later that evening, Danny comes into Sam's room while Linda is on the couch watching a sappy movie. Danny admits to Sam that he was right and that, somehow, the situation needs to be fixed. Sam threatens to remedy the situation himself, and Danny chases after him into the living room.

When they find Linda, she is crying to the ending of a sad movie in which a husband has left his wife, resulting in her suicide. Danny knows he doesn't stand a chance at telling his mother the truth during such a vulnerable moment, no matter how hard Sam tries to convince him not to fall for it.

Just then, Floyd runs into the apartment, looking frantically for a leak. It turns out that a drip from the kitchen faucet has been bothering Linda, and she had called Floyd, the building super, to fix it immediately. Upon hearing this, Floyd decides to confront Linda about the fact that she is always at the boys' apartment.

"Why are you here, Linda?" Floyd asks.

"I don't have much to do, so I come by and straighten up. Is that all right?" Linda says, giving Floyd the once-over. Danny jumps in, telling his mom it's fine, much to the chagrin of Sam, who smacks Danny on the knee.
Linda, Floyd, Sam, Danny and Drew

Later that week, Danny, Drew and Sam come to the bachelor pad, and they run into Linda, who is just about to let herself back in. As soon as Linda mentions that she has brought over dinner and picked up another sappy love movie, Floyd comes barreling down the stairs, having overheard. Danny is still unable to say no to his mother, and Linda shuttles everyone into the apartment for dinner and a movie, announcing that she's going to be spending the night on the sofa.

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Hattie with a bat

A few days later, Hattie is sitting in her house, enjoying some evening television. She is startled by a knock on her door and grabs her baseball bat before finding out who it is. It turns out to be Danny and Sam, who come in with a sense of urgency. The roommates reveal that they need help in talking to Linda in order to get the key to their apartment back from her.

Hattie refuses to talk to Linda for the boys, and she advises Danny on how he should deal with the situation.

"Baby, if somebody makes you feel uncomfortable, you just got to learn to say it! Just come out, and you just got to tell her," Hattie says. Just then, Linda comes down the stairs.
Sam and Danny

After more coaxing from Hattie and a few blurted-out confessions from Sam, Danny finally finds the courage to ask his mother for the key back.

"Mom, we are young men, and we need a little more privacy. And I think the key was a bad idea," Danny says.

After confirming that this request was not just a result of walking in on a naked Sam earlier in the week, Linda agrees and gives Danny the key back. After she walks out of the room, both Sam and Danny rejoice in their victory by doing a cheer and simultaneously spelling out G-O-O-D.

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Sam and Danny

Not to be outdone, Hattie comes in between the boys and does her own spontaneous cheer. She spells out S-T-U-P-I-D-A-S-S-E-S and tells them that they are D-U-M-B.

When Sam asks why they are dumb, Hattie says, "Because y'all got the key, but you didn't tell her not to come over no more!"