Danny and Hattie

A week after Danny gets a new job and Linda finds out that her husband was cheating on her, Grandma Hattie's family attempts to move forward with their lives. At home, Hattie comes down the stairs and passes someone sleeping on her couch, covered with a blanket. "Now this here just makes me sick," she says

Hattie walks into the kitchen and is surprised to see her grandson, Danny. "I'm so proud of you. Up at 6:40 in the a.m.," Hattie says.

"Yep, I don't want to be late for work," Danny says.

"That is so great," Hattie says. "You know your grandma worked sunup to sundown? My mama had me pickin' green beans, 20,000 pounds for 3 cents a pound, when I was 7 years old. I had to walk 5 miles…"

"...in the snow, with high heels on, to school," Danny interjects. "I know. I've heard this before."

"Why you actin' all funny when I'm trying to give you a black history moment?" Hattie says. Danny apologizes. "And don't you forget it either, huh?" Hattie says. After a moment, she has a realization. "Wait a minute...if you're up in here, who is that in there on the sofa?"
Andre Hall and Patrice Lovely as Danny and Hattie Mae

Danny reveals to his grandma that his mother, Linda, has been sleeping on Hattie's sofa. "She gave me her old room. She said she didn't deserve a bed," Danny says.

"Oh, she having a pity party, huh?" Hattie says, annoyed.

"She is hurt by Lionel, Grandma," Danny says.

"I don't know why. I told her before she got married to him that he was no good." Hattie tries to get past Danny to give Linda the tough love and encouragement she thinks her daughter needs. Danny tries to convince Hattie that he should talk to his mom instead, but Hattie makes it into the living room anyway.
Hattie Mae

Once Hattie and Danny are in the living room, they find the couch empty. Realizing that Linda is gone, Hattie dashes through the living room and back into the kitchen, grabbing her tools.

"Grandma, what are you doing?" Danny asks.

"I'm changing the locks before she comes back!" Hattie says, working on the door handle.
Danny, Sam and Drew

Later that day, Danny and Drew are at work. Danny is crestfallen, even after a glowing review from his boss and clients. He reveals that it's because his mother is sad after finding out about her husband's affair with Crystal.

"Oh, I love a man that's close to his mommy," Drew says. "Look, if it makes you feel any better, Crystal is really upset about what happened too. I mean, so upset that she's moving out of the building. Honestly, she had no idea."

Just then, Sam walks into the office—late—with a pair of pink women's underwear in his jacket lapel. "Crazy party last night," he says.

"Are those panties?" Danny asks, motioning to Sam's jacket.

"Oh, sorry...I thought that was my pocket square," Sam says, smirking.

"You're still a wild man," Danny says.

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Danny, Drew and Sam are discussing Sam's partying ways, when Sam admits to Danny why he's so cavalier about showing up to work late: He's slept with their boss. Twice. As Drew proceeds to hand out paychecks to everyone, she takes the opportunity to lecture Sam.

"You know, you can learn a thing or two from Danny. He got a glowing review from a client," she says.

"Well, that's good to hear," Sam says, seemingly uninterested. After pretending to be happy for Danny getting his first paycheck—and even getting a bonus—Sam admits that he needs money and tries a new tactic: He proceeds to tease Danny about the fact that he still lives with his grandmother, hoping that this will persuade Danny to move in with him.
Danny and Sam

"So you're still living with your grandmother? 'Cause that is cliché. And lame. Come on, move in with me!" Sam says to Danny.

"I can't. You're a wild man! Different women every night? Parties till dawn? And drinking?" Sam admits to each of the offenses as Danny lists them off. After some back and forth, Sam pressures Danny to move that night and promises him his own room—for half the rent.

"How far behind is your rent?" Danny asks.

"Will you stop it?" Sam says, waving him off.

"No, seriously, how far behind is your rent?"

"I'm not behind. Come on, man," Sam says as he tries to convince Danny otherwise. "You think about it."

Meanwhile, at the Love Train Diner, Mama Hattie runs a customer out of the restaurant after he claims that his order wasn't right. Hattie and Floyd start bickering about whose fault it was, when Linda walks in. Hattie questions her on where she was earlier that morning. Linda says that she had to clear her head, and opens up to Hattie and Floyd about her self-pity.

"Mama, I can't do anything. I married Danny's father, and he wouldn't let me work. Then when he died, I met Lionel, and he wouldn't let me work," she says.

"Didn't I tell you? A woman got to learn to take care of herself!" Hattie says, yelling in Linda's face. Linda gets a phone call and walks away, leaving Hattie and Floyd to argue about whether she is talking to Lionel.

Linda comes back in to tell them that she suddenly has to leave, leaving Hattie and Floyd to agree that she is, in fact, going to meet Lionel.
Sam and Danny

Later that evening, Sam brings Danny to his apartment in a further attempt to persuade him to be his roommate. "Sam, if I say yes, we're going to have to set some rules," Danny says.

"Okay. Anything," Sam says.

"Parties only on the weekends," Danny says.

Sam reacts, insulted that Danny would try to change his partying ways in his own home, and Danny changes his mind altogether.

"You know, I don't think this is going to work," Danny says. Sam begins to mimic Hattie, teasing Danny about going back to live with his grandmother. Danny, after telling Sam that he looks like a velociraptor while doing his Grandma Hattie impression, reconsiders his final decision and agrees to move in with Sam.
Danny, Floyd and Sam

Moments after Danny finally agrees to move in with Sam, Danny's great-uncle, Floyd, comes around to collect the rent. "What's up, Danny? What are you doing here?" he asks.

"You're the super of this building?" Danny says.

"Yes, sir!"

"Sam and I are moving in together," Danny says. After a pause, Floyd says, "Is this one of those civil unions?"

"We're going to be roommates!" Sam says.

"I hope you know what you're getting into, because this boy parties," Floyd says to Danny.
Linda and Hattie

Later that night, back at Hattie's house, Floyd and Hattie walk in on Linda acting strange in the kitchen. Linda admits that she's been talking to Lionel and, even worse, that she's considering taking him back.

Linda tells her uncle and mother that because she doesn't know how to stand on her own or get a job, she might as well go back to Lionel. "What?" Hattie says. "No, I didn't raise no fool for a daughter. You ain't got to go home, but you got to get the hell out of here." Linda grabs her things and leaves Hattie's house.

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Later that night, at Danny and Sam's apartment, Danny is trying to sleep while a party rages in the living room. A drunken Sam, wearing a pink feather boa and women's underwear on his head, bursts into Danny's room.

"Sam, I'm trying to sleep!" Danny says.

"We're trying to stay awake!" Sam says.

After refusing the beer that Sam brought for Danny, Sam goes back out to the women waiting for him in the other room, while Danny flops back down on the bed, exhausted.