Kendra Johnson and Patrice Lovely as Linda and Hattie Mae

Hattie Mae Love, aka 'Grandma Hattie,' starts off the day in the simple Atlanta home that she and one of her husbands bought some time ago. Hattie and her daughter, Linda, are arguing about Linda's unemployed, adult son, Danny, who is sleeping on Hattie's couch. Hattie thinks Linda is too soft on Danny, and she doesn't want him staying with her.

"It's just like feeding a cat. If you feed them, they'll never want to leave!" Hattie says.

"Where's he supposed to go?" Linda says.

"You've got a closet!" Hattie says.

"Mama, my son is not staying in the closet!" exclaims Linda.

"Your brother stayed in the closet for years! And he turned out just fine. And your son will be just fine in your closet at your house!" Hattie says.
Andre Hall and Patrice Lovely as Danny and Hattie Mae

Grandma Hattie heads to the living room where her grandson, Danny, is sleeping on the couch. Once he's awake, Hattie pushes Danny to get out and go look for a job.

"You just have to keep the faith," Linda tells her son. "Until then, your family will be here for you."

"Yeah baby, it's all right to keep the faith and everything," Hattie says, "but the best way to keep the faith is up on your feet. It's time for you to get up, and hit the pavement!" Hattie grabs Danny and gets him off the couch. "And get the hell out of my house!" she says.
Hattie Mae and Floyd

Hattie's door opens, and Lionel, Linda's husband walks in. "You don't know how to knock?" Hattie asks him incredulously. Hattie makes Lionel go back outside and asks him to knock on the door.

"Come on in, baby," Linda says, opening the door after hearing a knock. Just then, Uncle Floyd walks through the door, greeting Linda with a sarcastic "Hey, lover." Floyd laughs.
Linda and Lionel

As Hattie and Floyd argue about who should go to the restaurant they own together, Hattie Mae's Love Train Diner, Linda and Lionel discuss their evening plans.

"Hey, baby, you haven't been answering your cell phone" Lionel says to Linda.

"I'm sorry, it's dead," Linda says.

"Well, I just came by to tell you that I have to work late tonight," Lionel says.

Hattie jumps in, accusing Lionel of lying, and says that she thinks he's really going out to meet another woman.
Hattie, Danny, Linda and Lionel

Floyd leaves to go collect rent from the tenants at his other job, as the super at an apartment building nearby, but Lionel, Linda and Danny sit down in Hattie's living room.

"Why are y'all sitting down? Uh-uh! I've got to go open up the diner!" Hattie says.

"Ok, I'll lock the door for you," offers Linda.

"Oh, no, ma'am! When I leave my house, everybody leave my house!" Hattie says.
Hattie and Danny

As Danny explains that he can't go out looking for a job dressed the way he is, Grandma Hattie refuses to soften. She runs into the kitchen, grabs a bucket and a rag, and tells Danny that he can wash up outside using the garden hose.

"Everybody, leave!" Hattie pushes everyone out the door, including Danny, who's still holding the bucket.
Floyd and Sam

Uncle Floyd is at the apartment building where, as superintendent, he has to collect everyone's rent. As he steps off the elevator toward one of the units, a tall, blonde woman in a red coat is leaving the apartment just as Floyd walks up to the door.

"Uh, excuse me. Did you just come out of this apartment here?" Floyd asks.

"Yeeees," says the woman in a fake accent.

"Is Sam in there?" Floyd asks.

"Nooooo," the woman says, avoiding eye contact with Floyd, her back to him. "Heeee left," she says.

Suspecting something fishy is going on, Floyd grabs at the woman's blonde hair, pulling off her wig and revealing Sam, a building tenant whose rent is due.
Sam and Floyd

"What are you doing in this getup? Are you...are you into this sort of thing?" Floyd asks Sam.

"If I say yes, will you not ask anymore questions?" Sam says.

"I get it. Rent, please!" demands Floyd. Sam explains that he doesn't have the money, and implores Floyd to convince the building owner to give him more time. Floyd denies the request, and makes it clear that Sam's rent is due by the end of the day.
Floyd and Drew

As Sam leaves for work, Drew, Sam's neighbor across the hall (and also his co-worker) comes out of her apartment. She gives Floyd her half of the rent check, and tells him that her roommate, Crystal, has the other half. Drew tells Floyd he's welcome to go into the apartment to ask Crystal for her half.

As Floyd heads in, he sees Crystal sitting in Lionel's lap, obviously being intimate with Linda's husband.
Floyd and Lionel

"Hey Floyd, what are you doing here?" Crystal asks. She and Lionel are lounging in their bedroom clothes, and Lionel looks shocked.

"I came to get the other half of the rent," Floyd says. As Crystal goes into the other room, Lionel begs Floyd not to tell his wife, Linda, about his affair. Floyd agrees not to tell Linda, under one condition: that Lionel tell Linda himself by the end of the day.

Crystal returns and tells Floyd that she has to bring him the check later in the day. Floyd gives Crystal until the end of the day to take care of her business, reiterating to Lionel that he is being held to the same schedule.

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Drew, Danny and Sam

Drew and Sam, friends and co-workers, surprise Danny at Hattie's house on their lunch break. They have good news: Someone's been fired from their workplace. Although it's not good news for the poor fellow who's been let go, it does mean there is a potential opening for Danny.

Danny is feeling rejected and sad, and at first, he refuses the interview. Drew and Sam finally convince him to shape up, put on a suit, and come with them to the office.

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Hattie Mae Shut your mouth and keep on talkin

Later, at the Love Train Diner, Hattie notices Floyd acting strangely. She calls him on it, and although Floyd decides not to divulge Lionel's dirty little secret to Linda, he tells Hattie instead. He tells her that she can't say anything about it to anyone.
Hattie and Floyd

After hearing the news, Hattie wants Floyd to call Crystal over to the diner. She finds out that Crystal is already on her way over with the rent check and Hattie and Lionel realize that Linda is on her way to the diner as well. They revel in the fact that they now have a "setup" ready to expose Lionel's indiscretions. Just then, Lionel walks into the diner, followed by Linda.

Before Lionel has a chance to say a word to his wife, Hattie lets it all out. As Lionel denies it and tries to convince Linda that Hattie is lying, Crystal walks in with the rent check.

"Hey, Mr. Floyd, here's the check," Crystal says. She turns to Lionel, speaking to him right in front of Linda. "Thanks for giving it to me, baby. What are you doing here?"
Lionel, Linda and Crystal

"Who's this?" Crystal asks Lionel, motioning to Linda.

"His wife," Linda says.

"Wife?" Crystal says, shocked.

"Yeah," Hattie chimes in. "He liked it so he put a ring on it!" Hattie and Floyd mimic the Beyoncé dance simultaneously.

"Oh, I didn't know he was married. You know what? You are low down. Don't you ever call me again," Crystal says to Lionel as she walks out the door.

"Wow, I really thought you changed," says Linda. "Lionel, it's over. It's over. I'll be by to get my things tonight."

After an initial bout of excitement, Hattie realizes that Linda will be moving in with her, and tries to persuade her to change her mind about Lionel, to no avail.

Later that evening, as Hattie and Linda are closing up the diner and discussing Linda's impending move to Hattie's house, Danny knocks at the front entrance. Hattie won't let him in unless his news is attached to a paycheck, which Danny excitedly assures her it is.

"Guess what?!" Danny asks Hattie. "I got a job!"

Linda attempts to be happy for Danny, but instead walks off into the back of the diner, crying.

"Baby don't worry about her," Hattie assures Danny. "She on that stuff."

After a pause, Hattie says, "Uh, when you get your first check? Because I want some of my damn money back!"