Danny Makes a Critical Discovery

Season 3 Episode 315
Aired on 07/15/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 315: "Vernon"

Hattie calls Floyd over in the dead of night, panicked and desperate—and wearing unusual lingerie. At first, Floyd thinks Hattie is trying to seduce him, but he soon learns the real reason for her strange behavior: Hattie thinks her lover, Vernon, died during their passionate lovemaking. Hattie begs Floyd to help her, and he reluctantly agrees to check on Vernon in her bedroom.

After inspecting Vernon, Floyd believes that he's dead. While Floyd and Hattie argue about what to do next, she admits that Vernon had a heart condition, which may explain his sudden death. Floyd wants to call the police, but Hattie worries that she'll get into trouble. Floyd insists on calling them anyway.

While they wait, Linda and Danny arrive, and Linda wonders why her mother is wearing lime green lingerie. The two are just coming from Church, where the minister encouraged them to do something nice for someone they love, so they decided to bring Hattie groceries. Hattie is eager to get them in and out before they realize what's really going on, but her rushing only makes them more suspicious. Linda and Danny demand to know why Floyd is there—and why he's hiding a whip behind his back.

Linda and Danny both presume that Hattie and Floyd have been sleeping together, but Floyd is quick to correct them. He emphatically insists that nothing is going on between him and Hattie, but Linda and Danny don't seem convinced. Finally, Floyd confesses about Vernon. Linda stammers in utter disbelief after going upstairs to confirm it for herself. An equally horrified Danny goes to check it out next, but he soon discovers that Vernon is still alive! Danny quickly jumps into action, administering CPR while the others call an ambulance.

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