Shaniece Opens Up about Evelyn in Her First Therapy Session

Season 1 Episode 113
Aired on 06/04/2016 | CC tv-14
After Evelyn and Shaniece discuss Sha's disconnect from others in her life, Ev urges Sha to go to therapy as a means of talking to someone about her issues. Ev wonders why Shaniece doesn't make more of an effort to reach out to the family, and why she continues to be guarded with her emotions. She believes her daughter has deeper issues that Sha has yet to address, and hopes that therapy will help her get to a happier place. After much hesitation, Sha relents and agrees to give it a shot for her mother.

In her first emotional therapy session, Shaniece discovers that she has some serious and lingering issues from the past… many of which have to do with her mother's past.

"I have a great mom," Sha tells her therapist, "So I think I've seen my mom's hurt, because we're so close in age, and I take it upon myself because it hurts me, too."

Shaniece begins to uncover the source of her deep-rooted trust issues, and is finally ready to address them head on when she returns for more therapy sessions in the future.

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