Psychic John Edward Helps Sylvia's Family Find Closure

Season 1 Episode 112
Aired on 05/28/2016 | CC tv-14
Evelyn takes her sister and her family to meet with famed celebrity psychic, John Edward, in the hopes of contacting her sister's late husband, Anthony. Ev feels like her sister, Sylvia, hasn't been able find closure from her husband's death and being able to speak to him one last time might really benefit her.

"There is nothing on this planet—nothing—that will get in the way of the parent-child connection. So, he might not be in the physical vehicle the way we want him to be, but now you get him more intense." John tells Nisa, Anthony's youngest daughter. "It means you've got to make really good choices, because now you've got somebody else watching you."

The session with John leaves the whole family emotional and inspired, including Evelyn's two nieces, Mia and Nisa who both miss their dad terribly.

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